Kick-off IS2C

Kick-off IS2C workshop:
May 19 was the official kick-off workshop of the IS2C program and the launch of the IS2C website. The program is addressing integral solutions for sustainable construction and is aiming at achieving strong coherence among the projects. The workshop was divided into a morning session where project leaders and PhD students were split into three groups (Materials & Structures, Sensing & Monitoring and Degradation Mechanisms) with the aim to challenge the internal-connections and the relationships with the other projects inside the program. In the afternoon session companies were invited for the presentation of the results of the morning sessions followed by discussion. The results of the sessions are listed:

Results of the group sessions:

Materials & Structures, click here

Monitoring & Sensing, click here

Degradation Mechanisms, click here

Presentations given during introduction:
E. Bruins (STW)
E.A.B. Koenders (TUD), click here
J. Bakker (RWS-DI)

Program bookled: click here


Website launch:
The website is designed with emphasis on this coherence among the 9 research projects. The website is dynamic in the way that each project has its own login functionality. Project leaders, members and/or PhD students can access the designated project page of the IS2C website and add/change or edit the content. The objective of this website structure is that the website will be very dynamically and pages will be updated very frequently by the project members. We hope that the IS2C websie will act as an information interface between researchers and the infra sector.