BAM: versatile, diverse … and one Group. Royal BAM Group nv is a successful European construction group and unites operating companies in five home markets with the administrative centre in the Netherlands and listed at Euronext Amsterdam. BAM is active in the sectors construction, property, civil engineering, public private partnerships, mechanical and electrical contracting, consultancy and engineering, and facilities management.

The Group ranks among the largest companies in Europe. BAM has top market positions in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. One of BAM’s prominent features is its widespread regional network of offices, meaning that the company is always close to its clients. BAM offers its clients various substantial packages of products and services in the home markets. The Group undertakes specialist construction and civil engineering projects in niche markets worldwide. The Group’s consultancy and engineering company provides services to global clients with their international operations.

With around 26,000 employees, BAM is responsible for the implementation of thousands of projects every year. Some are spectacular (due to their size or technical complexity), but many others are more modest construction contracts.

BAM’s philosophy is to offer real value to its clients and work with them in close and lasting co-operation that provides outstanding performance in relation to the maintenance, innovation and expansion of built-up environments. BAM is recognized and acknowledged for the quality and reliability of its products and services as well as for the commitment, knowledge and experience of its employees.

The new standard in concrete strength measurement

• Maturity and/or conductivity
• Fully automatic
• Data via internet and SMS

New about this system is that it makes use of two methods to determine the strength of curing concrete (1 – 28 days): the maturity method and the conductivity method. Data are sent to a website so they can be accessed, reviewed, printed, and shared anywhere, any time.

Cugla is committed to making concrete structures stronger and better. Offering a wide range of products for mortar and concrete, Cugla combines years of experience with extensive knowledge of what customers want.
Partner for concrete solutions. For more than 50 years, LIEVERS HOLLAND has been the leading international specialist in the field of on-site and industrial concrete processing. Concrete is by far the most applied building material in the world. For good reasons: concrete is durable, strong and economical, provided that its composition is right and it is processed properly. Optimal processing requires know-how and the use of the right machines. LIEVERS HOLLAND offers exactly the expertise, machines and service that professionals require for delivering high-quality concrete efficiently and safely.
At Micronit Microfluidics, we take pride in being an independent world leader in developing, prototyping, and manufacturing custom microfluidic products. Our customers range in size from some of the world’s largest analytical and diagnostic instrumentation manufacturers to ambitious start-up companies.
Our unique combination of expertise in microfluidics and micromachining, 10 years of experience, and commitment to quality make us the ideal outsourcing partner for a wide range of products. Whether you are looking for low-volume manufacturing of a precision product or high-volume production of a fully disposable chip, Micronit Microfluidics wants to work with you to make your product a success.
Nebest Consultancy Group is a holding which includes various engineering/consulting offices in the Netherlands. The organization can provide tailor made solutions with respect to all inspection and research matters associated with infrastructure, industrial and offshore projects. Nebest can also provide inspection and consulting services for mechanical and electrical installations as well as real estate facility management services. Furthermore, we can render not only inspection and consulting services in the field of coatings, but we also carry out non-destructive test inspections (welding, exchangers, tanks et cetera). Our project management activities are focused on both large and small renovation and new construction projects. You can find Nebest people working on infrastructural projects as well as refineries, offshore platforms, chemical plants, nuclear and thermal power plants et cetera. The knowledge and experience of Nebest staff in the field of maintenance advice is utilized to design new infrastructures to ensure that future maintenance operations are more efficient and more cost effective, i.e. life cycle engineering. Finally, our operations include the development of new systems for inspection of and research on concrete, steel, brickwork, wood and other materials.
Rijkswaterstaat is the executive arm of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. On behalf of the Minister and State Secretary, Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands.


Carrying out these tasks effectively and efficiently requires a national organization that is close to those who actually use the infrastructure. Ten regional departments (including 19 road districts and 16 water districts) and one project organization (Room for the River) put Rijkswaterstaat at the heart of Dutch society. Rijkswaterstaat also has five centers of excellence at which it has concentrated its specialized knowledge.

Together with the Deputy Director-General and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Rijkswaterstaat’s Director-General is responsible for managing the organization. The Director-General is assisted in his duties by the Senior Management Advisory Unit. The senior management board consists of the executive board and the managing directors (HIDs).

Behaviour of building materials
Knowledge of the behaviour of materials when in use and of the relationship between the structure of materials and their properties. This involves knowledge and expertise with regard to relevant test methods for determining these properties.

Research and development
The ability to draw up requirements which building products and components will have to satisfy in terms of their function, to advise on how to satisfy these requirements and determine the extent to which this has been done. All of this depends on the material chosen and systems/conditions.

Risk assessment
Controlling methods for assuring the quality of processes, materials, products, staff and services. This involves establishing the basis of the assessment and determining and testing relevant aspects by carrying out measurements and inspections.

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is the third largest building research institute in Europe. Our objective is to promote environmentally friendly, cost-effective products and solutions within the built environment.

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is Norway’s leading provider of research-based knowledge to the construction sector. Through our activity in research and development, we have established a unique platform for disseminating knowledge throughout a large part of the construction industry.

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Strukton develops, builds and manages large-scale infrastructure projects. From the initial planning phase to the final operation. We provide total solutions in addition to every phase of the construction chain in detail customization. Whatever the requirements. Add to that drive our innovation, our sense of cooperation, and our team spirit and you choose a full service infrastructure provider that is fundamentally different than others.
TNO: Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.TNO’s mission is to connect people and knowledge, in order to innovate with impact. We do this through three areas of expertise in different disciplines together, to give substance to social issues within seven current themes. Technical Sciences within the area of ​​expertise with advanced knowledge and advanced technology solutions are sought for a variety of technological issues for practical purposes. For Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences, our earth scientists, environmental and life issues. In the area of ​​expertise Societal and Behavioural Sciences provide social issues and behavioral issues challenge to our behavioral experts, information specialists and psychologists.
TNO DIANA BV was established in 2003 as a spin-off company from the Computational Mechanics department of TNO Building and Construction Research Institute in Delft, The Netherlands. Building on over 30 years of research and experience, the company provides world-class software products and services in the field of finite element solutions dedicated to civil, geotechnical, earthquake, and petroleum engineering. DIANA, our flagship software, is world renowned as the finest in its class as the “all in one” solution for Finite Element Analysis within the civil engineering community. Our team of highly skilled and experienced civil and geotechnical engineers, scientists, software developers and architects work to develop and deliver innovative software and value-added services including technical support, training, analysis consultancy and R&D projects.

The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Additives for Mortar and Concrete (MA) was founded in 1978. MA is a cooperative group of companies facilitating new applications in production and market launch of admixtures for mortar and concrete.
Vereniging Ondernemers Betonmortelindustrie Nederland (VOBN) verenigt, verbindt en ondersteunt de betonmortelindustrie. VOBN staat voor continuïteit van deze industrie en bevorderd het gebruik van betonmortel in bouwwerken en constructies. Onze kerntaken zijn belangenbehartiging, brancheontwikkeling en individuele en collectieve ledendiensten. VOBN  vertegenwoordigt ruim 110 betonmortelcentrales in Nederland.
3TU.Datacentrum offers the knowledge, experience and the tools to archive research data in a standardized, secure and well-documented manner. It provides the research community with:
  • A long-term archive for storing scientific research data
  • Permanent access to, and tools for reuse of research data
  • Advice and support on data management

3TU.Datacentrum currently hosts about 5000 datasets. To see examples please visit: