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IS2C-Workshop 2013

April 11 and 12, 2013, the third IS2C program activity will take place. The workshop is scheduled over two days and includes an excursion, presentation sessions, evening with social activities, and a workshop session where the PhD students have to find solutions for real problems that are encountered in bridges crossing the highway network. This year a two-day workshop will be organized where all PhD students, post doc researchers, project leaders supporting companies are invited, with the objective to discuss the scientific progress of the IS2C program and to encourage cohesion among the 9 projects. All projects that run under the IS2C umbrella have kicked-off and the program is now running at full speed. In order to stimulate discussion among the IS2C projects and the supporting companies , for each of the three research direction of the IS2C program (Sensing & Monitoring, Degradation and Materials & Structures),  a company representative is invited to give a lecture about the state of the art in the practice. After this, PhD students are invited to give a short elevator pitch presentation about the status of their work as well.  The second day starts with an inspiring lecture given by an invited innovator. After that, the actual workshop session is scheduled and the IS2C workshop ends with an invited lecture of a company representative  explaining the PhD students how durability issues of civil infrastructure is considered and implemented in the practice at this moment. Click HERE for the FINAL workshop program.